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First Half of the 2017 Season

posted Feb 8, 2017, 5:21 PM by Iron Kodiaks
The first half of the build season has seen many completions and plans for the upcoming robot!

So far, the team has decided to make the robot a dedicated shooter, with gear acquisition as a secondary feature. We hope that this type of robot will help us in formation of alliances!

So far, the team has built the omni wheels and chassis, and the electronics have been set up. The drive base is now operational, although further improvement is still needed. During a team meeting, a "scattershot" style shooter was chosen as the best route for shooting. The inventory was also more organized--this should help boost our productivity and efficiency in the weeks to come!

We still have many plans for the robot, such as the construction of a pronged winch for grabbing the rope, use of vision, a cradle for gear collection, and the installation of the intake roller system for collecting fuel to shoot.